"Honoring Veterans for their Service to our Nation"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the VA pay for ALL the expenses related to the funeral or cremation?

 A. NO. Everything inside the gates of the National Cemetery are FREE for the Veteran and Spouse, however all other expenses ( including casket, service, transportation, cremation costs, etc.) are NOT and are the responsibility of the Veteran or their family.

Q. Can a Cemetery Space at the National Cemetery be reserved in advance?

A.  NO.   Space at the National Cemetery will be assigned at the time of need.

Q. Is my spouse eligible for burial at National Cemetery?

A. If you were Honorably discharged, your spouse is eligible to be buried or interred with you at the National Cemetery at NO COST.

Q.  Who do I Call if there is a Death?

A.   Do Not call the VA if a death occurs, since they do not make funeral arrangements or perform cremations. The first call would be to a local Funeral home or Mortuary, to pick up your loved one.

Q.  What steps do I take to Ensure a Burial at a National Cemetery?

A  The best way to ensure a burial at a National Cemetery is to contact Lori Molter or Cristina Bailey, who are trained and  licensed Pre-Planning Counselors to assist you in putting a Plan together that will include all your Funeral wishes, proper documentation needed to receive your Burial Benefit. And have them filed with the Funeral home.